Build Your Business Worth Why you need a trademark

By James Wan

What you need to know (in a nutshell)

  1. A trademark is necessary for a business owner to fully own their brand.
  2. Incorporation, registering a company, owning a domain name, and copyrighting a logo are not sufficient for brand protection.
  3. A trademark allows a business owner to protect their brand from being stolen and stops competitors from using a similar brand, and can also be used as an asset for licensing, franchising, and selling

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Companies and entrepreneurs should not invest time or money in branding that isn’t owned by them. To legally own your brand, it must be trademarked.

Nothing else is effective. Even if you:

  • formed a business entity/incorporated a company
  • purchased a domain and construct an expensive website connected to it
  • reached thousands of customers with your products and services
  • have a large social media following
  • secured a copyright for your logo

a brand can be taken away from you, while a trademark cannot.

A registered trademark:

  • safeguards your brand against theft and dilution
  • prevents opponents from selling subpar products/services under a similar brand
  • transforms your name, logo and slogan into a tradable commodity