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Deciding between DIY trademark registration or hiring an expert whats the

By James Wan

What you need to know (in a nutshell)

  1. By using a self-service system to submit your trademark application, you can pay once and submit the application in minutes, which is less expensive than hiring a lawyer to do it for you.
  2. If you are registering a non-traditional trademark like a shape, colour, or smell, it may be best to consult with a lawyer for assistance.
  3. To ensure that your brand name or logo is registrable as a trademark, it should be original and set your business apart from the competition. Avoid words or phrases that are generic or widely used in your industry, descriptive, too general for your industry, or laudatory. It’s also important to choose the correct products and categories when registering your trademark and be intentional about brand protection.

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If you seek to register a trademark for your brand name, logo, or slogan in Australia, opting for self-service is the prudent choice. Our automated platform streamlines the process, enabling you to submit your application swiftly and economically without incurring ongoing fees post-registration. Moreover, our system eradicates the need for costly legal counsel, as all steps involved in filing an Australian trademark can be executed effortlessly using our service at a mere fraction of the traditional legal fees. However, non-conventional trademarks, such as shape, colour, or scent, demand more intricate procedures, necessitating expert assistance from seasoned professionals in the field – a service we at [company] would be delighted to arrange upon request. Do not hesitate to reach out if these types of marks apply when submitting applications for registration.

To qualify for trademark registration, your brand name or logo must be distinctive and set itself apart from competitors. Generic terms commonly used within your industry could pose a challenge when attempting to register them as protected marks. Our article, “What is a strong trademark?” offers valuable guidance on ensuring that your trademark stands out, mitigating potential issues down the line. Generally speaking, it is wise to avoid descriptors like MUESLI or CRUNCHY when designing labels for breakfast cereals.

When selecting a trademark for your enterprise, it is crucial to steer clear of generic or excessively laudatory terms. Although they may be catchy and memorable, they provide minimal protection in the event of intellectual property rights disputes.

Furthermore, it is essential to choose products and services that align with one of the 45 distinct classes established by trademark law. This will prevent inadvertent infringement on existing trademarks utilized by other firms within similar sectors. For instance, BOUNTY has been registered separately as a chocolate bar brand name and a paper towel label – ensure your trademark is distinct!

Trademarks Online offers a user-friendly system that allows individuals, even those untrained in trademark law, to accurately select the appropriate products and services for their trademarks. Simply input a search term related to your business offerings, and our intelligent technology will generate a picklist of approved items based on the relevant classes or categories they fall under. This simplifies one of the most challenging aspects of filing for trademark registration! It is worthwhile to consider all potential uses when applying for brand protection; it may save time and money later if you choose to expand your range since otherwise, there might be no protection from similar competitors entering your space without any legal repercussions due to insufficient initial coverage applied through Trademark Registration applications. Therefore, ensure you obtain as comprehensive coverage as possible with each application to prevent any future oversights.

The present moment is ideal for securing your brand’s trademark and safeguarding it against unauthorized usage. Taking this step now guarantees the protection of the hard work, creativity, and investment that has gone into establishing a unique identity for your company or product – one that customers can easily recognize in an evermore congested marketplace.