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How to get a trademark quickly in Australia

By James Wan

What you need to know (in a nutshell)

  1. Before filing a trademark application, it’s important to consider things like trade mark eligibility and the capacity you are applying in, to ensure your application is as strong and quick as possible.
  2. Careful planning and market research are crucial to ensure that your trade mark protects your brand in current and future markets. An experienced trade mark attorney can guide this process to help you plan for future product developments.
  3. After preparing your trademark application, you will need to pay a fee and lodge your application with IPAustralia. The fee will depend on how many trademarks you register and how many goods and services categories.

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Securing a trademark is crucial for protecting your business, brand and ideas. In Australia, the process will take at least 7.5 months if all paperwork’s in order and no objections arise.

A trademark attorney can assure a successful outcome in the least amount of time by helping you apply under the correct categories and manage opposition.

Before filing a trademark application, ensure your trademark is eligible to register and that you are not infringing anyone else’s. You must also specify the correct legal owner when applying as either an individual or company.

Getting the initial stages of your trademark application correct will make it stronger, faster and less likely to be disputed.

A trademark attorney can aid market research to help plan for future products, services and expansions. This ensures your brand receives the necessary protection as you grow.

It’s essential to invest time in planning for your future; it will save you a lot of hassle, money and anguish later on.

To submit your application, you must pay a fee to IPAustralia which varies depending on the number of trademarks and goods/services categories. For example, one mark in one category costs no more than AUD $1,000.

Registration of trademarks in Australia takes at least 7½ months. Patience is key.

IPAustralia will assess your application in 3 to 4 months. If they’re not satisfied, you’ll have 15 months to address any issues raised and respond with the help of a trademark attorney. This is crucial for ensuring registration success.

Your trademark application must go through a 3-month opposition period to give other people and businesses the chance to object if they believe it infringes upon their own. Bear in mind, your trademark is not secure until registration has been completed.

Once your trademark is granted, congratulations are in order! However, remember to renew it after 10 years from the date of application. Get that diary out and set a reminder now!