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How to protect a business name in Australia

By James Wan

Before deciding on a business name, make sure to check it is not already being used by someone else. You can do this by searching the Australian Business Registry for your intended name and ASIC Connect for any existing registrations. After checking there are no similar or identical names in either of these places, you should register your unique business name with an accredited registrar like .au Domain Administration Limited (auDA). You may also want to consider trademarking if appropriate - IPAustralia provides guidance on how to go about doing so. If you’re thinking of operating overseas, speak with an expert intellectual property lawyer first before proceeding further. Lastly don’t forget Non-Disclosure Agreements which will help ensure all confidential information remains that way until registration is complete!

Protecting and securing your business’ identity isn’t simple; however, conducting preliminary searches beforehand could save time and money later down the track. Before setting up shop under a particular moniker be sure take steps such as registering their chosen title at the applicable government registry – ASIC Connect–and cross referencing against other potential trademarks using IP Australia’s database search facilities prior making full commitments domestically or internationally via filing applications accordingly depending upon target territories/markets where operations are sought after followed by drawing up non disclosure agreements between key personnel involved when discussions turn commercial during pre launch stages along distributing merchandise bearing said branding etc afterwards wherein confusion would otherwise arise among customers due ultimately converting creative work into tangible assets worth protecting long term thereby ensuring correct association always present alongside safeguarding reputations too naturally ergo important get off ground running properly from jump start rather than end run owing damages caused failing act preventively conclusively speaking!.