Holding a handful of cash

How to protect your valuable registered trademark in Australia

By James Wan

Registered trademarks are valuable assets to a business and you must protect them from loss of value.

Competitors using similar brands could cause confusion in the market, leading customers away from your product or service.

Whenever possible oppose these registrations within two months when they appear in the Australian Official Journal of Trade Marks (AOTJ).

Additionally use ® symbols with all registered trademarks and only those which have been officially approved by IP Australia should this symbol be used; if not done during the application process ™ can be placed instead as an indicator that rights will soon exist once registration is finalised.

Regularly check AOJT for potential infringements too - trademark owners may try to start proceedings against infringement of their brand name but certain conditions must first apply such as lack of any prior usage before the official grant date.

Finally, make sure address details are updated whenever a change occurs otherwise risk missing ten year renewal period window after initially receiving confirmation trademark has gone through successfully!