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Know when to correctly use ® and ™ symbols

By James Wan

What you need to know (in a nutshell)

The ™ symbol can be used with your brand, even if you don’t have a registered trademark, to indicate that you consider your brand a trademark for your business and deter others from adopting a similar brand.

Using the ™ symbol can signify that you take brand protection seriously and may prevent competitors from using the same name.

To achieve the best trademark protection as early as possible, you should choose a registrable trademark and register it and use the ® symbol, which is the symbol for a trademark that the IP Office has registered.

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The ™ symbol is a common practice among businesses to indicate their brands or trademarks, even when they have not yet sought formal registration. Employing the ™ symbol conveys that the owner considers the brand to be a unique identifier of their products and services. Additionally, it can deter others from adopting similar marks by acknowledging the owner’s claim to the specific words or symbols. For business owners who face challenges in registering descriptively generic terms due to their lack of distinctiveness, consistently using the ™ character over an extended period can demonstrate that the branding has become recognisably associated with them, supporting any claims of ownership rights.

Utilising the trademark symbol ™ demonstrates your commitment to protecting your brand and can deter competitors from employing a similar name. To ensure maximum protection for your mark as soon as possible, choose an appropriate and registrable trademark and proceed with registration. Here are five reasons why this process is crucial: When should the registered trademark symbol ® be used? This symbol represents trademarks that the Intellectual Property Office has officially approved after completing the application process. As such, its use should follow successful registration rather than preceding it.

By registering a trademark, individuals and organisations secure exclusive rights to use the mark within their specific industry. Furthermore, they gain the authority to prevent other traders from using similar or identical marks that could confuse customers. Awareness of certain restrictions on using the ® symbol associated with registered trademarks is essential. These restrictions include using the symbol only for the goods and services specified during registration and understanding that each country has its distinct registration process. The symbol can only be used in countries where the trademark has been registered.

If you intend to use your trademark in countries where it has not been formally registered, consistently employing the ™ symbol is advised. So, how do we type these symbols, such as ®?

Fortunately, most computers enable us to efficiently generate these characters using simple keyboard shortcuts.

To create the ™ symbol, type the letters TM and press space or enter on your keyboard.

To insert a new line in your document, type the letter R and then press space or enter. This ensures a smooth transition between paragraphs without any interruptions. Additionally, this method effectively ensures your work flows seamlessly from one concept to another with minimal effort.