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Protect your Amazon store get registered with Amazon Brand Registry now

By James Wan

Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer with 20 marketplaces across six continents, is home to millions of sellers competing for customer patronage. Given its immense size and third-party seller population (over three million on Amazon US alone), it has become a breeding ground for unethical practices such as selling counterfeit products or sabotaging competitors’ sales and brand image. To combat these activities - while preserving their reputable standing in the process -Amazon initiated Brand Registry; an exclusive program that offers various tools so merchants can monitor their stores against malicious activity. In this post, we’ll provide you with all the necessary information about Amazon Brand Registry: from application requirements down to features offered by enrollment into this program; outlining benefits associated therein too!

Amazon Brand Registry is a program developed to legitimize brands, secure their intellectual property and provide sellers with exclusive benefits. For those whose main source of income comes from selling products on Amazon, enrolling in the program via brand registry can be highly beneficial as it helps build customer loyalty and increases conversions. Before delving into the specifics, let’s answer some commonly asked questions about this service - do I need Amazon Brand Registry to sell on Amazon?

Amazon Brand Registry is an immensely useful program for Amazon sellers, providing them with a range of tools to enhance their selling capabilities and protect their trademarks including product and brand design. However, it does not come without its own set of requirements - namely that a seller must have or be in the process of applying for registered trademark protection before they can enrol in the program. The cost associated with this is usually between $250-$400 dollars but could rise up to around $1,000 once you factor legal fees like those incurred from hiring attorneys into account. It should also be noted that while there is no fee charged directly by Amazon itself upon enrollment into Brand Registry, sellers still need to pay attention to all other related costs involved when registering their trademark which may vary depending on what type or class of protection you decide to apply for. For more information regarding USPTO registration guidelines please refer to the official US Patent & Trademark Office websites.

Traditionally, the process of registering a brand on Amazon could take anywhere from 2 to 10 days. However, that was only after going through an 8-month-long trademark registration process - until now! By enrolling in the IP accelerator program sellers have access to fast-tracking their applications and reducing this timeframe down by more than half; taking just two weeks for both trademark and Brand Registry approval. To get approved onto Amazon’s Brand registry platform there are certain requirements all applicants need to meet such as having products with original designs or proper labelling/packaging that can be verified via appropriate evidence documentation (such as invoices). Once these conditions are met then It’s simply a case of getting started on submitting your application either manually or through using automated tools provided by third parties who specialize in managing registration processes quickly and efficiently without compromising quality standards set out by Amazon themselves.

To be eligible for brand registration on Amazon, you must meet one of the following criteria: having an active trademark registered in each country where you want to enrol; filing a pending application through Amazon IP Accelerator; or having a pending trademark within certain accepted offices.

When it comes to setting up an Amazon business, there are two types of trademarks you can obtain: image-based (design mark) or text-based (word mark), which must be included in your brand registry application. To ensure the trademark is accurately identified and approved by Amazon US, sellers who have design marks containing words should upload a copy exactly as appears on their official records. Once all the relevant paperwork has been completed and submitted correctly for both obtaining your trademark and registering with Amazon’s Brand Registry program, then businesses will able to reap the rewards that come from being part of this marketplace platform - such as increased visibility amongst consumers along with access exclusive features designed specifically for registered brands!

To search Amazon brand registry on Google and begin the process of enrollment, first, click on the Brand services page. To continue with registration you must review eligibility requirements before clicking Get started in orange at the bottom of this page. Once reviewed select Enroll now to proceed further into your desired country’s Brand Registry dashboard. Finally hit the “Enroll Your Brand” button for completion and confirmation that your product is registered successfully as an official trademark! Selecting a country from where you have filed for a trademark will redirect users back to their company’s individualized Brand Registry Dashboard so they can complete registering their products via hitting “enrol your brand” once more; thus confirming successful entry onto Amazon marketplace under protected status thanks to claiming it through its eligible trademarks filing origin point

Step 3 of the Amazon Brand Registry registration process requires you to enter your brand name, select the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) as your trademark office, and provide a corresponding registration number. Additionally, fill out any relevant details such as type of mark applied for or an image if It’s a design mark - providing additional information about your website can also be beneficial though this step isn’t mandatory.

Step 4 of the Amazon Brand Registry registration process: When registering in Selling Account Information section with Amazon Brand Registry – ensure that all product categories related to products you wish to sell are selected from drop-down list; additionally include other important data like seller status on Amazon etc…

To finish the application process and gain access to all of Brand Registry’s features and benefits, sellers must submit their distribution and licensee information. If they are a new seller they should select ‘No’ for both options before clicking on the Submit button; it usually takes Amazon up to 24 hours to respond afterwards. A Professional Amazon selling plan provides its own range of advantages with no extra costs across other marketplaces like US or Canada - at just $39.99 per month! Nevertheless, users need to separately register in each marketplace as these same features and benefits do not extend beyond those provided by Amazon Brand Registry itself-for which an individual account is required anyway; It’s still suggested that sellers create a Seller Central Account using the same email address so any associated rewards appear within this platform too

Are the benefits of enrolling in Amazon’s Brand Registry worth it? Absolutely! Not only does this program allow sellers to protect their brand and products from counterfeiters, but they also gain access to a range of tools that can help enhance marketing capabilities. Benefit #1: Brand Protection

The most commonly cited reason for joining the registry is its ability to safeguard against intellectual property theft as well as counterfeiting attempts on your items or logo designs. With a registered trademark with Amazon, you will be able to detect any unauthorized use and take action if needed without having to put in an immense amount of effort into manually searching listings yourself.

For non-registered users, facing bad actors is a daunting challenge as they have to contact Amazon customer support and wait for resolution which can be time-consuming. This gives these unscrupulous sellers enough scope to inflict damage on the reputation you’ve carefully crafted over years of hard work - but with Brand Registry from Amazon this doesn’t need to happen anymore! Brand Registry allows registered users to take complete control over their product listings so other merchants cannot make any changes or misrepresent your products in any way. What’s more, Report A Violation tool within the same dashboard helps them keep track of all submissions made by them; giving access to the designated customer service team whenever needed. Moreover sophisticated machine learning software incorporated into Brand Registry system further enhances its effectiveness in fighting counterfeits while also enabling the removal of such illicit activities related with it. Thus making sure only genuine customers buy authentic items online everytime they shop at Amazon websites

In addition to product listings that feature your logo or trademark and use of images, sellers who wish to safeguard their brand from all potential risks can benefit significantly through Amazon’s Brand Registry-specific features such as Transparency and Project Zero. The Transparency program is a unique serialization service whereby every item has its code which must be present for it to reach customers; any products without the code will not make it past Amazon’s system. Thus, this ensures that only genuine items are distributed in connection with your intellectual property rights. Jelinek had been working as a coordinator for many years at the same large educational organisation before retiring but was never promoted into management despite her hard work and dependability over time – something quite surprising given her reputation amongst colleagues.

Amazon has developed two programs to assist sellers with protecting their intellectual property and creating an enhanced product listing content-Project Zero (where automated machine learning software scans for violations daily) and Transparency (which involves a per-unit cost). Being enrolled in the brand registry program grants new Amazon sellers access to promotional tools, allowing them to improve their marketing game by uploading A+ content which offers more detail regarding products than was previously possible.

Amazon brand registered users can harness the power of A+ content to create more detailed product listings, which are proven to increase sales by 5.6%. Formerly known as EBC (Enhanced Brand Content), this feature allows businesses to add high-quality visuals and videos into their products’ descriptions in order to make them stand out from competitors who have not taken advantage of registering with a brand. Benefits that come with using Brand Registry include improved product descriptions through custom images, paragraph headers, bulleted lists for features or specifications and unique image/text layouts - all helping you differentiate your business amongst others on the platform while driving conversions at higher rates than before!

If registered brands want to create A+ content, they need to log into their Amazon seller central account. This will enable them to access a variety of assets such as images and text cards, carousel displays, links to the brand store and other products that can help communicate values or history associated with the brand. Furthermore, larger companies may also be able to take advantage of something called premium A++ (A++) - an invite-only feature that is only available via Vendor Central but comes at quite a cost for those who have been granted permission by Amazon’s team. To make use of this specialised content type then Registered Brands should begin by logging in on their Seller Central accounts so they are ready when the opportunity knocks!

To get started, head to the Advertising tab and select A+ Content Manager. You can find it by searching for an ASIN or product name, or simply clicking on the Start creating A+ content button! Once you’ve made your selection there are plenty of modules available for you to explore - so go ahead and start uploading them to create a unique look that will engage customers!

Amazon Brand Registry provides sellers with access to tools that can help them foster customer loyalty and enhance their visibility in the marketplace. In addition, Amazon recommends a minimum image resolution for all A+ content modules so as to ensure good quality images are uploaded into this section of your account. Amongst these tools is an Amazon Store which allows you to create a dedicated space where customers can learn more about your brand’s story and mission – something invaluable when it comes to building credibility with potential buyers who may be unfamiliar with what you have on offer. Additionally, Brand Registry also offers access to its ‘Vine Program’ – allowing reputable product reviewers to test out newly launched items from brands associated with the program and provide feedback accordingly; thus helping newer sellers build trust amongst shoppers whilst simultaneously increasing their products’ overall presence in the market place.

Amazon Live grants businesses the possibility to build a connection with customers via live streams in real time. In addition, Virtual Bundles allow organizations to highlight different items from their product catalogue by creating bundles of complementary products that are more attractive to buyers. Video Shopping is another powerful feature offered by Amazon that enables brands to show off their merchandise using high-quality video formats Subscribe and Save makes it simpler for purchasers who buy regularly so they do not have to go through checkout each time they wish to make a purchase.

Amazon’s Brand Registry unlocks a range of exclusive advertising opportunities for registered users, including Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display Ads. These ad products provide powerful tools to promote Amazon products to the right prospective audiences, leading to increased sales visibility and higher profits. With these features in place, It’s much easier for brand-registered sellers on the Amazon platform to turn heads towards them compared with those who are not part of the program – such as access to Amazon Vine which isn’t available outside this circle. It goes without saying that any seller should take advantage by registering themselves onto the Brand Registry so they can benefit from promotional options like PPC campaigns too!

Non-brand registered Amazon sellers can only take advantage of Sponsored Products, which appear in the top row of search results. These ads offer increased digital real estate that helps to boost brand recognition and drive more traffic towards a store. However, if you are an Amazon Brand Registered user then you have access to another type of ad - Sponsored Brands. This will give your logo, custom headline and three products greater visibility at the top or middle section within search results pages on Amazon too! Not many people know this but with Sponsored Display Ads (which are exclusively for those who register their brands) it’s possible to target potential buyers both on and off the platform itself – making use of keywords as well as competitors’ listings too! Of course, these campaigns should be used carefully so they bring maximum benefits; however, when implemented correctly PPC advertising can help grow sales significantly for any business looking to increase its presence online with targeted advertisements across multiple channels including mobile devices.

When sellers target their own listings, they occupy the space that would otherwise be taken by a competitor. This prevents potential customers from switching to another store and grants Brand registered sellers access to Amazon’s Brand Referral Bonus program which offers bonuses in exchange for qualifying sales depending on individual product categories. In addition, benefit #4 of this strategy is gaining valuable insights into customer behaviour through using Amazon’s analytics feature – with these insights you will have more strategic information at your disposal when making decisions about marketing/advertising activities or changes within your portfolio of products sold on the platform. To learn more visit: the official Amazon Brand Referral Bonus page!

Amazon Brand Analytics provides a comprehensive dashboard that allows you to download reports and gain valuable insights into the behaviour of your customers. Understanding customer preferences, needs, and motivations can help develop strategies that will increase brand loyalty as well as boost conversions over time. The Consumer Behavior Dashboard offers an array of useful reports such as “Amazon Search Terms”, allowing brands to better comprehend their target audience’s habits for greater success in business endeavours. Through the use of tailored metrics from these various data points available on the Consumer Behavior Dashboard through Amazon Brand Analytics access crucial information about consumer behaviour including “Amazon Search Terms” enabling businesses with the knowledge needed to craft effective marketing campaigns or product offerings targeting potential buyers more accurately leading towards increased sales volumes while nurturing relationships between brands and consumers alike.

For sellers looking to optimize their presence, the Amazon Search Terms report is a valuable research tool. It provides data on popular keywords and ranks each keyword across multiple categories according to search frequency rank. Additionally, it also displays the top 3 most clicked ASINs for that particular keyword in its entries. Through this information, sellers can conduct competitor analysis by studying which competitors are performing better than them for certain relevant search terms as well as identify areas where they may be falling short of expectations so improvements can be made accordingly Furthermore, high-performing and relevant keywords discovered through this report could then potentially be added onto product detail pages or even used in sponsored product campaigns – both effective methods of advertising one’s products online!

The Market Basket Analysis report should be closely examined to identify the top three products frequently purchased alongside your (i.e. brand owner) own items, as some of these may only have a high performance during specific times throughout the year due to their seasonal nature. By assessing this data and determining if any of those complementary products are already within your portfolio, you can create attractive bundle offers that will make them more appealing; whereas if they aren’t present in your Amazon store yet – It’s worth considering adding them so customers can purchase what they need together on one platform for convenience and cost savings!

Market Basket Analysis is a well-known and highly effective tool that allows businesses to identify the best bundling and cross-marketing strategies. To gain maximum benefit from this, it’s important to continually check up on these reports for new insights. It has long been established in business circles that retaining existing customers costs significantly less than attracting new ones - especially if there is strong brand loyalty among consumers who keep returning time after time with repeat purchases of products or services offered by your company. The Repeat Purchase Behavior report gives an insight into this phenomenon; showing exactly how many orders have been received over any given timeframe as well as what percentage was made up of unique customers ordering multiple times within the period specified – allowing you to analyse which items are being purchased more than once during said window.

Brand owners utilizing Amazon Attribution can gain valuable insights into how effective their off-Amazon marketing activities are. This tool is available to those registered with the Amazon brand registry, as well as agencies and vendors using it for tracking metrics like detail page views, purchases, Add to Carts etc by way of employing Attribution tags on emails and ads outside of the platform. With this potent analytical instrument at your disposal, you will be able to make adjustments towards optimizing campaigns to improve customers’ overall shopping experience while replicating successful strategies across different products that have already proved profitable. Over some time when an alternate ad strategy was employed, there were encouraging results achieved through increased external traffic from social media platforms - something which should be taken note of in terms of attempting replication or testing out further versions on other merchandise options for similar positive outcomes going forward.


The Demographics report offers comprehensive information about customers’ profiles, which includes age, gender, education level, marital status and household income. This report also provides metrics on the number of unique customer purchases as well as product sales percentage about the overall demographics segmentation. With this data available from the Demographics Report brand owners can tailor their marketing campaigns effectively by making sure that their Product Detail Pages appeal specifically to their target audience for maximum success potential.

Conclusion - Benefit From Brand Registry Program & More! By looking into detailed insights provided through a demographic breakdown businesses can have access to beneficial tools such as tailored advertisements or customised content offerings proving effective towards maximising sales opportunities within relevant markets and sectors with an increased chance at achieving desired goals faster than ever before thanks largely due to better-targeting strategies made possible only through having these important pieces of knowledge readily accessible when needed most

For those interested in creating a successful Amazon store, investing in the trademark and applying for brand owner status through Amazon Brand Registry certainly offer many advantages. However, there is still more that needs to be done such as researching profitable products to sell, targeting relevant keywords and optimizing product listings - all of which require additional help from specialized tools like ZonGuru. As an industry-leading holistic seller toolkit provider with automated functionality tailored around core operations related to managing your business on the platform; ZonGuru can provide assistance when it comes research profitable products or suppliers, target effective keywords and optimize existing product listings – helping you take your online selling enterprise even further!

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Engaging with customers is an important step to improving your rankings and increasing customer feedback. Automated product review requests can simplify this process, allowing you to easily obtain valuable customer insight which could help drive further growth for your business. By leveraging these tools, you will be better equipped in taking the necessary steps towards enhancing the visibility of your products on relevant platforms and ultimately improve where they appear within search engine rankings.