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Stay vigilant to protect your trademark rights

By James Wan

The best advice when it comes to protecting your trademark is prevention and vigilance. As the owner of a registered trade mark, you’re responsible for looking out for any potential infringements as well as taking action if anyone does use or copy your trademarks without permission. Keeping an eye on how others are using similar marks can help ensures your rights in their brands remain secure, which is absolutely vital to business success, especially with battles over who owns what brand appearing more often than ever before!

It’s essential to protect your trademark from infringement - here’s how. Once you have secured registration of your name/logo/signature etc., protection doesn’t end there; ongoing monitoring and enforcement may be necessary during its 10-year validity period too. Especially after five years of ownership, someone could apply for removal due to lack of usage within three preceding years (one month prior). If so, defending yourself against such an application will take time – but don’t jump straight into writing angry letters! Always seek professional legal consultation first – things aren’t always black & white when judging infringement cases based on complex trademark legislation rules regarding international boundaries online etc.

Monitor the marketplace regularly instead & contact a trademark attorney should anything suspicious arise.

You’ve put a lot of time and money into your brand, so you deserve to be protected from people using it without permission. That’s why you have certain rights - as well as responsibilities. It’s up to you to stay vigilant against potential trademark infringements – if something doesn’t look right, let a qualified trademark attorney know so they can investigate further on your behalf.