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The advantages of trademark registration for your business

By James Wan

What you need to know (in a nutshell)

  1. Exclusive rights to use your trademark, preventing others from using similar brands for similar goods or services.
  2. Evidence of ownership of the trademark, eliminating the need to prove you have built up a reputation or “goodwill” in the trademark.
  3. Cheaper and easier to take action against someone using your trademark without permission if you have a trademark registration.

Full Article

Registering a trademark is crucial for securing protection and reaping an array of benefits. Five primary reasons underline its advantages.

  1. By acquiring exclusive rights to use the trademark for goods or services related to the brand, an individual or business can exert greater control over its use in the marketplace. Should unauthorized use occur, filing a Trademark Opposition offers an effective remedy.
  2. Registration with a competent authority supplies official evidence of ownership, which proves invaluable in the event of disputes over potential infringement.
  3. Trademarks may be registered or unregistered. While an unregistered trademark may exist, enforcing it against unauthorised use requires the owner to prove their pre-existing reputation in the brand—a costly and time-consuming process. In contrast, an official trademark registration circumvents this proof-gathering hurdle, rendering enforcement of rights more affordable and straightforward. Trademark registrations offer enhanced protection against unauthorized use, as registered owners can access legal remedies, such as actions for infringement, which are available only upon prior registration.
  4. A trademark registration not only announces the protection of a brand but also grants the right to use and display the registered trademark symbol (®).
  5. Trademark registration constitutes an invaluable business asset, capable of being bought, sold, or licensed under specific conditions for financial gain, potentially becoming one of the most valuable assets at one’s disposal.