A brainstorming session for choosing a business name

How to Pick a Strong Business Name and Boost Your Brand

By James Wan

The Problem: Many companies choose forgettable names. This is a missed opportunity.

Why It Matters: As a startup, you’re already facing challenges - finding your audience, marketing effectively, and building loyalty. A strong brand is your secret weapon. But, even the best product struggles without a good brand. It’s the heart of your business.

The Solution Starts with a Name: Your business name is your first impression. It should say who you are and what you do. It should stick in people’s minds.

The Common Mistake: Many businesses choose names that are bland. They blend into the background. Don’t be that business. Your name should be unique, memorable, and strike an emotional chord.

Option 1: DIY Naming

  • Use Storytelling: Think Robinhood or Amazon. These names have stories that resonate. Find your story and let it guide your naming.
  • Reflect Your Values: What do you stand for? Trust, innovation, friendliness? Use these as a starting point.
  • Check Domain Availability: Your name should be your domain. If it’s taken, you’re back to square one, often with a hefty price tag.

Option 2: Brand Name Marketplaces

  • The Quick Solution: Platforms like TMchecks.com offer ready-made brand names with matching domains. It’s fast, easy, and you avoid the naming marathon.
  • The Pioneer: TMchecks can generate bespoke names, each with a .com domain. It’s like a shortcut for naming your business.

The Takeaway: A good name sets you apart. It’s worth the effort or the investment in a marketplace. With the right name, your startup has a clearer path to success.