Hidden bear in Toblerone logo

AI uncovers hidden bear in Toblerone logo

By James Wan

What you need to know (in a nutshell)

  1. Ralph Aboujaoude Diaz recently noticed the bear in Toblerone’s iconic mountain logo for the first time in 30 years with the help of a computer vision algorithm.
  2. Diaz’s discovery highlights the potential of AI-enabled technology to make us more observant and intelligent.
  3. Toblerone chocolate is made in Bern, Switzerland, which is known as the “city of bears” and the bear in the Toblerone logo is a representation of the Bern bear.

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After 30 years of eating Toblerone, Ralph Aboujaoude Diaz used a computer vision algorithm to spot the bear in Toblerone’s iconic mountain. He shared his find on LinkedIn.

After three decades of eating Toblerone, Mr Diaz took to a professional networking site and marvelled at the fact it was only an algorithm which had revealed there’s a hidden bear in its iconic mountain. He quipped “Once seen, it cannot be unseen!”

He explained AI-enabled tech makes us more intelligent, citing the Bern bear on Toblerone as an example – made in Bern, Switzerland.

People only noticed the bear in the Swiss chocolate company’s logo when they looked closely.

“You missed it completely; I spotted it straight away when I had my first bite.”

A commenter questioned the AI accomplishment, suggesting it was likely tagged by a human and added to the training data.

Did you know that Toblerone has a piece for every letter and each is printed on the side? Pretty cool!

After three decades, Ralph Aboujaoude Diaz noticed the bear in Toblerone’s mountain logo using a computer vision algorithm. He shared this discovery on LinkedIn.

He explained the Bern bear on Toblerone is due to it being made in Bern, Switzerland. He went on to say AI-enabled tech makes humans more intelligent.

Many people noticed a bear in the logo of Swiss chocolate company for the first time also.

However, one grumpy Internet troll remarked that they noticed it “the very first time” they ate it, criticising their lack of observation.

Someone suggested the AI success may have been down to a human tagging the logo, rather than advances in technology.

Did you know? Toblerone has one piece for every letter and each is printed on the side – that’s pretty neat!

Joking, a user said ‘Ralph, your computer vision algorithm is truly the “bear”er of fantastic news! With more time it could move mountains!’

Did you know Toblerone is made in Bern, Switzerland - famously known as the ‘City of Bears’?