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Amazon Brand Registry is a trademark necessary

By James Wan

What you need to know (in a nutshell)

  1. Trademarks are a critical part of any brand protection strategy, and Amazon rewards those who have registered trademarks by allowing them to join the Amazon Brand Registry program.
  2. To avoid being a victim of counterfeiting and to access the tools to protect your brand on Amazon, the first step is to apply for a registered trademark so that firstly, you can enjoy exclusive rights to use your brand and secondly, you are eligible to join the Amazon Brand Registry program.
  3. By joining the Amazon Brand Registry, members enjoy greater control over their brand’s product listings on Amazon, can report suspected violations of their trademark, and enjoy proactive brand protection via Amazon’s Project Zero and ensure that alleged infringing products are removed.

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The concise answer is: No, It’s optional to register a trademark with Amazon; however, not doing so comes at significant risk. Amazon rewards those who do as part of its brand protection strategy and commitment to providing customers only genuine products from its online marketplace. To ensure the credibility and authenticity of goods offered on its platform for both buyers and sellers alike – which in turn helps maintain positive publicity about the company — trademarks are an essential factor in any successful business’ overall strategic plans according to what’s stated on the official website1. Unfortunately, there have been some instances where accused or even counterfeit items were available among other merchandise, causing negative press coverage that sometimes led all the way up into court cases such as…

Apple presented evidence in a court case in October 2019, which showed counterfeit Apple products were sold as legitimate on Amazon. Several well-known news outlets such as Forbes, Buzzfeed and The Wallstreet Journal have reported vendors selling hazardous or even prohibited items through their platforms. In August of this year, the Court of Appeals for the State of California confirmed that Amazon could be held responsible if traders offered any defective or risky product within its marketplace. Subsequently, they have increased efforts to guarantee only reliable sellers are permitted access to sell goods via their website.

Business owners selling on Amazon must understand the importance of applying for a registered trademark to protect their brand. This is necessary as it gives them exclusive rights over their specific label or logo and makes them eligible for joining the Amazon Brand Registry programme. This invaluable tool will help guard against counterfeiting. To be able to gain access to this helpful resource, businesses must have either “a registered and active text (word mark) or image-based trademark (design mark)” – in other words, a legally approved registration for either their name or logo that appears on all products/packaging associated with said business– making sure they can benefit from complete protection from any potential infringement upon established trademarks via the online platform provided by Amazon’s Brand Registry system.

Amazon launched their Brand Registry programme in 2017 and increased the scope of its initiative even further in 2019, aiming to protect both brands and customers from counterfeit goods or untrustworthy products. Why should you register your brand with Amazon? Joining the registry will grant members greater control over how their product listings appear on Amazon’s platform; they can also use it to search across various stores within the marketplace and report any suspected violations of trademarked material that may arise.

Amazon has prioritised protecting brands by launching Project Zero inThis 3-pronged strategy is designed to guarantee trust and credibility while eliminating counterfeits from their stores through advanced product serialisation powered by machine learning technology. Registered brands have access to an automated self-service tool that allows them quickly remove any fakes they may find on the Amazon store. Transparency was introduced as another service that authenticates each unit before shipping to enhance customer safety measures further. This feature was expanded to seven additional countries outside the US last year alone!

IP Accelerator is an innovative programme that allows brand owners to conveniently access reliable IP law firms and secure their Intellectual Property rights. This process enables them to rapidly register with Amazon’s Brand Protection Registry, allowing brands to grow before their trademark registration can be finalised in government offices with a lengthy processing timeline. For users to enjoy even more excellent protection offered by Project Zero - comprising automated protections, product serialisation as well a self-service removal tool – they must satisfy all three conditions: enrolling into Amazon’s Brand Registry, owning valid trademarks registered through governmental agencies, and submitting reports on potential infringements with at least 90% acceptance rate over the last six months period.

Securing a trademark for your brand is integral to protecting its value, but it can take time and effort to figure out how to do so. The government IP Office website provides some helpful information on the process; however, with legal training in trademarks or knowledge about which classes they fall into, understanding these requirements might seem manageable even for those with experience dealing with intellectual property law. Utilising the services of an Intellectual Property Lawyer may help make navigating this tricky terrain simpler and more cost-effective to secure a Trademark registration, yet many individuals who need to be trained in trademark law struggle when taking on such challenges alone.