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Boost the intangible value of your business with these 5 tips for applying for an Australian trademark

By James Wan

What you need to know (in a nutshell)

  1. The correct application process is essential to protect your intellectual property and defend your trademark.
  2. Consider which aspect of your business you want to register (e.g. name, logo, product or service) and ensure it is distinctive and original.
  3. Complete a thorough search to confirm the availability of your trademark and select the relevant class or classes under which to register it.

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Proper application is needed to guard intellectual property and secure your trademark.

Select What to Register
Business owners must decide if they should register their name, logo or any product/service of the business. This decision is important and needs to be made in the early stages of starting a company.

Recognise Distinctive Qualities
IP Australia evaluates applications for trademark registration to determine if the proposed trademark is both distinctive and original.

Check Availability
Make sure your trademark is available and not too close to existing marks by conducting a thorough search. This involves more than just an online look-up; certain phrases and databases must be investigated as well.

Pick the Appropriate Trademark Class
It is essential to identify the correct class or classes (there is 45 total) when registering a trademark. If a trademark isn’t registered under the proper categories, it cannot be legally enforced.