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Discover the benefits of a comprehensive trademark clearance search for your

By James Wan

What you need to know (in a nutshell)

  1. Comprehensive trademark searches are important because relying on free online trademark search engines may not provide accurate or thorough results.
  2. It is important to interpret the results of a trademark search correctly to ensure that a brand is unique and able to be trademarked.
  3. It is recommended to hire a specialist to conduct a comprehensive trademark search and provide an easy-to-understand report on the results

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Imagine that after a Google search, it appears your competitors are not advertising their products and services using a word you had in mind.

Despite using a free trademark search engine to look for potential issues, nothing suspicious may have been found.

Is your brand ready? … perhaps not …

You can try searching yourself, but trademark search engines make it seem much easier than it really is.

Are your searches relevant and are the results interpreted correctly?

Please look up ”Micro-Soft Software Solutions” in a trademark database to see how common sense it is.

Commercial websites may have free trademark search engines to determine if a name is available, like ”Micro-Soft Software Solutions” which Microsoft didn’t bother registering. For a fee of roughly $200, these sites can register that same name for you.

How long till Microsoft’s lawyers respond if you took action based on those search results?

Alternatively, searches on government websites using official trademark databases yield thousands of results.

Best of luck trawling through them quickly!

Trademarking ’Micro-Soft Software Solutions’ was not an option.

How can you be certain that your brand is distinctive enough to warrant constructing and growing?

Will you just guess?

Trademarking can be a lengthy process, as the Trademarks Office may not respond right away.

Trademarking is a lengthy process.

Entrepreneurs cannot waste time.

What if you pick the wrong brand and can’t own it?

If sued for trademark violation, what defence will you provide? “I did a search and found nothing“?

Courts reject these excuses.

Experts should be employed to research and create a straightforward report of their findings.

Generally, firms charge $300 for a trademark search with an opinion on registerability.