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Miley Cyrus tells Charlie Sheen You have taught me about winning using

By James Wan

Miley Cyrus tweeted that Charlie Sheen taught her about “winning”. The teen star has benefited from learning about trademark laws from the actor.

Sheen’s rep confirms to CNN that he intends to trademark 22 of his well-known catchphrases from recent rants.

Entertainment Weekly report Sheen has registered ‘Duh, Winning’, alongside other witty phrases such as ‘Vatican Assassin’, ‘Tiger Blood’ and ‘Rock Star From Mars’. He even quipped: “I’m Not Bi-Polar, I’m Bi-Winning”.

Sheen wants to trademark his name, signature, ‘Sober Valley Lodge’ and the term he uses for girlfriends - ‘Sheen’s Goddesses’. This is according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The Reporter reveals that before this, Sheen had attempted to trademark “Drugs Are Loser Friendly” for items such as stickers and mugs. Additionally, in 2005 his Three Dog Park Co. sought a trademark for “Sheen Kidz”, which was intended for children’s clothing.