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The benefits of trademarking 8 proven strategies

By James Wan

What you need to know (in a nutshell)

  1. A slogan or tagline is a memorable phrase used in advertising that can play a key role in building a company’s reputation and identity.
  2. Distinctiveness and originality are what give a slogan its legal punch and help it qualify for trademark registration.
  3. To create an effective slogan, It’s important to make it memorable and distinctive through the use of metaphors, original or made-up words, unconventional grammar or spelling, clever wordplay, a new spin on a well-known saying, amusing or thought-provoking language, and incorporating the registered trademark in the slogan. Using a stylized logo that includes the slogan can also provide a level of protection.

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Creating a slogan or tagline that captures the essence of your business can be highly beneficial in setting yourself apart from competitors. An effective and memorable phrase has the power to prompt consumers to think about, recognize, and recall your brand when they hear it again. However, if poorly thought out an inappropriate slogan could send conflicting messages and even drive customers away instead of attracting them towards you. With today’s media saturation levels higher than ever before, crafting a striking yet simple message is essential for any organization looking to make its mark – both literally as well as figuratively! Not only does this help create visibility but also ensures there are no misunderstandings regarding what kind of company you represent; which makes trademarking such phrases much easier too!

Apple’s slogan, “Think different,” is a prime example of how originality and distinctiveness can make for effective trademarks. Nobody else could use this as their own – so if you’re looking to trademark your phrase or statement, our advice would be to come up with something unique that best expresses what your business stands for! The more unexpected the phrasing about its context of usage, the higher chance it has of being registered as a trademark - especially when compared against phrases used by competitors within the same industry. For instance: A company selling pain medication may not have much luck registering ‘Fast and Effective Relief from Headaches’ due to potential overlap with other businesses who offer similar services; however, an accounting firm might find success since they are providing very different types of relief than those offered by medical companies!

In the United Kingdom, a small business owner had an inventive and unique slogan that she used to not only set her clothing brand apart from others but also protect it: “A superhero has my back”. To ensure no other companies could use this phrase on their products without permission, she took advantage of trademark registration. This allowed her to take swift action when another well-known retailer utilised the same saying for their range of apparel. If you are considering establishing your very own memorable tagline or phrase to make sure nobody else uses it unlawfully, here are some tips as well as examples from various successful brands that may help inspire you along with creative ideas for getting your catchphrase trademarked: First and foremost, come up with something original yet metaphorical; one example being Nike’s ‘Just Do It’ which is reflective of self-motivation!

Unleash your inner spirit with Red Bull and soar to new heights, with postive energy. Indulge in the taste that leaves you wanting more - KFC’s finger lickin’ good!

Their greatness is undeniable! (Kellogg Frosties) Dare to be different and think outside the box! (Apple)Deliciousness comes standard with Heinz Beans - there’s no question about it! (Heinz).

BP demonstrates its commitment to innovation by introducing the phrase ‘Liquid Engineering’ - a clever play emphasising the company’s ability to make things run more smoothly. Camel cigarettes invite smokers everywhere to experience their unique blend of tobacco with this iconic saying: “Every Camel Tells A Story”. This twist on an adage serves as a reminder of just how special every moment can be when you light up one of these well-crafted cigarettes. To remind us all about making responsible financial decisions, Money magazine asks us not only “What Would You Do With The Extra Cash?”, but also puts it in terms everyone can understand – “A Penny Saved Is Two Pennies Earned”!

LORD OF THE WINGS – Not just fast food, but things you can get quickly and easily. This catchy phrase from Ernst & Young conveys an experience of convenience and deliciousness all in one! LET YOUR FINGERS DO THE WALKING - An amusing play on words for Yellow Pages, this slogan encourages customers to explore their options with a simple click or tap of their fingers rather than searching manually through yellow pages books. With this tagline, customers are reminded how easy it is to find what they want with minimal effort!

Virgin Atlantic, is a brand with more experience than our name suggests! Our slogan is complete when you include your registered trademark. This will make the phrase stand out and also help secure its registration. Cadbury proudly presents Marvellous Creations – an unforgettable combination of deliciousness that’ll take you on unexpected taste journeys!

VISA. IT’S EVERYWHERE YOU WANT TO BE. For businesses looking to get the most out of their slogans in terms of brand recognition, they must understand how best to protect this asset and make sure other companies cannot copy them without permission or consequence - which requires meeting certain criteria for trademarking a phrase or slogan. To ensure you are getting the level of protection your business needs, one approach could be applying for logo trademarks as these can sometimes provide more legal security than words alone would allow; however, whatever route you take, having registered trademark rights will give your company comprehensive coverage across territories so no-one else can use what is rightfully yours!