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Victoria Beckham wins VB skincare trademark dispute

By James Wan

What you need to know (in a nutshell)

  1. Victoria Beckham settled a trademark dispute with a Sydney-based skincare company VB Skinlab over the use of the letters “VB.”
  2. The fashion designer opposed the registration of two trademarks applied by VB Skinlab, which were published in 2018, arguing that their use would be likely to deceive or cause confusion with her fashion and cosmetics products.
  3. A judge made orders dismissing the appeal by consent and directed the registrar of trademarks to proceed with the registration of the two trademark applications, no costs were involved

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Fashion designer, Victoria Beckham, objected to VB Skinlab registering two trademarks that were published in 2018.

Lawyers asserted her notoriety in Australia might induce confusion between her fashion and cosmetics items, and their use.

Beckham challenged IPAustralia’s March ruling that two VB trademarks should be registered, claiming she had grounds for opposition.

Parties reach an agreement, vacating the Federal Circuit Court listing for appeal Wednesday.

Judge Baird dismissed the appeal Friday, after parties agreed settlement terms.

The Registrar of Ttrademarks instructed to “take all necessary steps” for two trademark applications registration.

No costs were ordered.

In initial judgement, IPAustralia delegate Nicholas Smith identified Beckham as a “renowned UK individual in music & fashion”.

Beckham’s lawyers contended she had used her trademark in Australia before VB Skinlab filed their trademarks.

Beckham’s 25 million Instagram followers have promoted her cosmetics since 2016.

Beckham’s business worth £100m ($196m).

IPAustralia deemed her cosmetics reputation in Australia “limited”.

Beckham’s team argued VB Skinlab used an image resembling her own, yet IPAustralia was unconvinced.