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Your Fountain of Youth trademark approved by Japan Trademark Office

By James Wan

What you need to know (in a nutshell)

  1. Hemostemix Inc. has been granted a trademark registration certificate for “Your Fountain of Youth” by the Japan Patent Office for its wholly-owned subsidiary, Kwalata Trading Limited.
  2. The trademark registration covers the benefit of Hemostemix’s autologous stem cell therapy, which leverages a patient’s synergetic cell population as ACP-01.
  3. Hemostemix’s business model involves scaling automated ACP-01 production into a delivery system similar to Amazon, where the company will take shipments of patients’ blood from all over the world, create ACP-01, and deliver it to the treating physician in seven days.

Full Article

Hemostemix Inc. has recently announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Kwalata Trading Limited, has been granted a trademark registration certificate for “Your Fountain of Youth” by the Japan Patent Office. The certification highlights the benefits of harnessing the synergistic cell population known as ACP-01 and provides a comprehensive overview of Hemostemix’s innovative business model, as explained by Thomas Smeenk, the company’s CEO.

Mr Smeenk emphasised the unique engineering process employed by Hemostemix, which enables them to scale automated production like Amazon’s system. This approach allows the company to receive shipments from across the globe on day one, produce ACP-01 accordingly, and deliver it back for medical procedures by day seven.

Established in 2003 by a leading expert team, Hemostemix garnered recognition in 2019 when it was awarded the prestigious World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer Award. Since its inception, the company has developed and patented a range of autologous stem cell therapies, including angiogenic cell precursors, neuronal precursor cells, and cardiomyocyte precursor stems. These groundbreaking treatments can potentially improve the lives of patients who receive them significantly.